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Febuary Newsletter
Combined Driving Event

13616 E. Mt Spokane Park Dr., Mead, WA 99021

June 23-24, 2012
Rating: ADS
CDE Entry Form & Teddy Bear Waiver
Entries Open: February 1;
Entries Closed: June 11
Method of Accepting Entries: First come, first served.
Special Qualifications: No young children. Pets on leashes. No very green horses. Self
stalling encouraged.
Levels/Divisions: Training, Preliminary, Intermediate
Classes: Dressage, Cones, Marathon, Singles, Multiples, Horses, Ponies, VSE’s.
Prize List? Yes by Teddy Bear

Organizer(s): Warren and Sylvia Riddle,

13616 E Mt Spokane Pk Dr, Mead, WA 99021;
H: 509-464-4490; C:509-435-1739; Fax: 509 928-8689;
e-mail: info@teddybearfjords.com

Secretary: Sylvia Riddle,
13616 E Mt Spokane Pk Dr, Mead, WA 99021;
H: 509-464-4490; W: 509-464-4490; C:509-435-1739; Fax: 509-928-8689;
e-mail: info@teddybearfjords.com
Mail Entries to: Organizer


President of the Jury: Mary Ruth Marks, Linda Latzke; Technical Delegate: Deborah
Bevan; Course Designer: Warren & Sylvia Riddle; Veterinarian: Mt Spokane Vet Hospital;
Phone: 509-238-1585; EMT Service: 911


Entry/Class Fees: $185 includes 2 tickets for Sat eve competitor’s dinner, Extra tickets
$18 ea; Post Entry Fees: $225; Entry Fee Refund Policy: Discretionary by hosts; Stall
Fee: $35/stall/event, shavings $10/bale; Stall Deposit: with entry; Separate Check? No;
Stall Refund Policy: Discretionary by hosts. No fee for self stalls. Other Fees: $30 ADS
non-member fee; Make Checks Payable to: Teddy Bear Fjords Ltd

Tentative Schedule

Stable Opens: 6/20; Secretary’s Office Opens: 6/22, 8 AM; Vet Check: during marathon;
Course Walk and Briefings: Briefing 6/22, 6PM, Course Walk 6/23, 4 PM; Presentation:
on the go; Dressage: Saturday 6/23, 8:30 AM; Marathon: Sun 6/24 8:30 AM; Cones: Sat
6/23 after dressage; Social Events: Competitors Dinner Sat 6/23 6 PM.


Test(s): Training # 3, Preliminary # 3, Intermediate #3
Ring/Warm-up area Footing: grass and dirt roads, 40x80 practice arena provided, cones
area provided
Other Dressage Info: 30x60, 30x75, 40x80 and 40x100 arenas provided per test.


Terrain: forest and field roads, some hills, creek crossing, some wildlife possible.
Level: Training; 3 Sections; 6-10 km; 4 Obstacles
Level: Preliminary; 3 Sections; 8-12 km; 5 Obstacles
Level: Intermediate; 3 Sections; 12-15 km; 6 Obstacles
Other: VSE’s per ADS rules


Ring/Warm-up area Footing: Grass / dirt roads
Level: Training; Clearance: per ADS rules
Level: Preliminary; Clearance: per ADS rules
Level: Intermediate; Clearance: per ADS rules

Other Information

Veterinary/Health Requirements: None, Organizers reserve the right to call for vet check
of your horse.
Stabling Information: panel stalls by reservation, Self stalling at your camp encouraged.
Driver/Groom twice around allowed on marathon? (Article 917) Must notify organizer in
Misc. Show info: Include a copy of your ADS card with your entry.
Awards Offered: Ribbons to 3 places, Best Dressage, Cones, Marathon each level, Best
Food Available on the Grounds: Yes, Fri, Sat, Sun, lunch vendor. Saturday 6 PM,
competitors dinner.
Accommodations: Super 8, 509-928-4888; Quality Inn, 509-928-5218. Both at I-90
Freeway Exit 287 which is 20 minutes South of Teddy Bear.
Camping On Grounds: Yes, including porta-potties.
Camping Off Grounds: Not very near.
Directions to Show: From I-90 Freeway in Spokane take exit 287 and go North on
Mullan/Argonne Rd. At Bigelow Gulch Rd continue North on Bruce Rd. Turn East on
State Hwy 206 (Mt Spokane Pk Dr). Continue 4 miles watching for pole fences on the
right. Pull into parking in front of large pole barn on right before proceeding to assigned